The beerginning.

It’s been a fascinating year. I got engaged – at Disneyland. I got married – at a brewery. I went on a honeymoon – to Oktoberfest. I married a wonderful woman that happens to share my insane interest in beer. It’s one of our common denominators. We agree on many things, but we are in sync on a few: Beer, Coffee, Food, Walking and Disneyland. I’ll admit, some of these things we introduced to each other. (I, walking to her, and her, Disneyland to me).

So, what is the point of this blog? There are hundreds, if not thousands that are similar. Well, this one isn’t much different, but perhaps it will be something that interests some of you. Let me explain what I hope to bring to it.

I like beer. I like the process of making beer. I brew terrible beer myself, but I appreciate beer. I’ve had hundreds of different types of beers, from all over the world. Asia, Netherlands, Scotland, Bavaria, America(s), Australia. Everyone has. It’s nothing special. But, what makes beer special is when it becomes the catalyst for your journeys and thoughts.

My wife and I went on a small journey on our honeymoon. We heard of a monastery near the small Bavarian village of Andechs. Rightfully called the Andechs Monastery. We made a beautiful 3.5 km hike through the German forest to this wonderful hundreds year old brewery/monastery and had what I would consider the BEST Hefeweizen beer I have ever had. I’m not even a giant hefe fan, but it was an amazing experience and it was TRULY the hefe to end all hefes. (I even flew a few of their beers home to save for a special occasion).

Beer is just so ingrained in my life. I am fortunate enough to have a career where drinking beer is not looked down on. In fact, to make it in to work after an excessive night of drinking is sort of a badge of honor. But, on that note drinking craft beer is also a favorite pastime of many in my career.

Back on track – The point of this blog is to share my thoughts on beer and how they correlate with my life. I am not up to date on many things. I couldn’t tell you who is in the top of the Pops charts. I am still oohing and awwing over the latest David Bowie Album. I’m excited about my Danny Elfman/NMBC tickets at Nokia Center. Probably the concert highlight of the past 10 years for me. I am drinking a Sierra Nevada Flipside beer out of a pint glass at home watching the Texans lose to the KC Chiefs(16-17 at the top of the fourth qtr). I’ve have a couple fantastic beers today and some not so good.

I would like this blog to focus on what I am drinking and how I am applying this drink to my life. Sitting around drinking with friends is a wonderful thing – and no doubt, some of these blogs will be just that. But, other time I will have a beer and watch a movie. Maybe have a beer and listen to a new CD. It’s everything added together that makes it special, important, or even alters perspective on it.

Many of my friends told me to try the Coconut Curry Hefe’s(again, Im not the biggest Hefe fan). I tried it while watching Modern Marvels. It wasn’t my favorite. I don’t think I would try it again unless someone bought it for me. But, maybe if I have this beer after having a couple other beers I would have a different opinion? It’s all strange.

Anyway. Thats the gist of it.

Now, back to my KC Chiefs game – They are in my division, but I am not a KC fan per se – drinking my Flipside, and reading my Oxford Companion to Beer book. But, I think Its time for another post.

Top 6 Brewers. Coming up….now!


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