Brief Review – New Belgium: Giddy Up.

It’s an interesting beer. It claims Coffee and Lemon Peel.


I taste the coffee. I LOVE the initial mouthfeel I get from it. I am not really picking up on the Lemon Scone aftertaste that is supposed to come.

The middle ground:

I do get a bit of fruit, but I can’t place it. Sort of like when you walk into a bathroom and they have a fruit scented spray – no one knows what flavor it really is though.


The smell that comes up out of the glass(I tried a tulip AND a pint glass just to be sure) reminds me of that pungent horrible aroma one smells when opening a can of wet dog food. I seriously CANT stand it.

The verdict:

On October 21, 2013, this beer was declared:


Rating: 3 of 6 – Good taste, bad smell. Medium body. New Belgiums offerings are hit and miss. They have a decent core product; Belgo, Ranger(My fave NB product), 1554, Fat Tire.. but, I have to admit, I am not as impressed with the crazy loopy Lips of Faith experimental series or these one off Folly Pack specialty beers.



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