Brief Review: Angel City Angeleno IPA

IPA + Pumpkins

Angel City IPA. Pumpkin for seasonal effect, though completely unrelated.


Ok, just so there is no doubt of my bias I am going to just state here that I am a HUGE fan of Angel City Brewery. Not only are they located right next to one of my favorite eateries in Los Angeles, Wurstkuche, but they also have one of the coolest brewery buildings in the arts district, and, it doesnt hurt that they make some really tasty beer.

I was a fan of the unconventional Au Jus Beer they had a while back. It wasnt the beer for every occasion but I thought it could have paired well with some hard-to-pair with dishes. My wife is the expert at pairing beers with foods – I should ask her about it sometime.

They also had an amazing chocolate belgian style ale in June of 2013 called the Wite Nite which was also fantastic. I made several trips to the brewery pub for a couple of those. I was really bummed they wouldnt let me take a growler home.

They also produce my current favorite Wit beer, aptly titled the Angel City Wit(Clever, aren’t they?)
UPDATE: It’s actually called the Angel City ‘Eureka! Wit’ – apologies around.

The problem with all three two of these previous listed beers is that they are only available on draft at the brewery pub or surrounding bars.
UPDATE: Actually the Eureka Wit! is also available in bottle they’ve informed me. They’ve also provided this little link to help find their beers: FIND ANGEL CITY BEER NEAR YOU

However, I did manage to find the Angeleno IPA in a 750ml bottle at Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. I have suspicions this might have been available in a bottle for a while now but I have only just now discovered. So for the next couple minutes while I write this we are going to pretend that I am excited for the fact that maybe my Wit, Wite Nite and Au Jus might be available in bottle form some day soon. I’m crossing beer streams…

Ghostbusters references aside, lets review this Angeleno IPA, shall we?

Well for starters, it pours a nice golden copper color. The head was nice and all that jazz. While I appreciate these kind of stats lets talk about the important stuff.

The taste. It’s not your typical West Coast Style IPA. It isnt force feeding you hops. It actually has a nice balance of pleasant and bite. I found it to go perfectly with my home made dinner veggie sausages. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that if I were curious about what IPA’s to start with if I wanted to get into them, I would recommend the Angeleno. It was so mild for an IPA that even my wife mused: “Yes, I would choose it over not having a beer.” That might sound bad but believe me she would choose sour milk over the IPA’s I drink.

But, lest you think I am calling this a sissy IPA , I inform you not of such a title! It had plenty of body, enough hops to be called an IPA, rather strong at 6.2%. I just believe that Angel City has a brewmaster to match the best of them and has found a way to hide the hops in a fruity cloak of deliciousness. I really cant recommend it enough. Try it, even if you eat hops for breakfast.


On October 23, 2013, this beer was declared:


Rating: 5/6

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Next Beer? …probably a Samuel Smith for another blog entry Im doing…

Linkage: Angel City Brewery

Have you had this beer? What did you think?


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