Brief Review: Wild Blue Premium Blueberry Lager

wild BLUE blueberry ale.

Wild Blue Premium Ale. And, say, is that a blueberry shooting out of a bull dogs butt? Hmmm…

Super fruity ales are a mixed breed. You’ve got some wonderful lambic’s out there. Then you’ve got the fruit-flavored-items ales, specifically the Banana-bread Ale from Well’s. Well, this blog is going to be focusing on a blueberry ale.

The only specifically blueberry ale I’ve had before was the Sea Dog Blueberry. I enjoyed the first bottle – subsequent bottles were increasingly boring.


You'll notice on the website the color is very light and "lager"ish. NOT what is actually in the bottle.

You’ll notice on this image pulled from the website the beer color is very light and “lager”ish. NOT what is actually in the bottle.

If you head up the corporate ladder for this beer eventually you’ll run into Anheuser Busch. Some people will have a problem with that while others might like that fact. Personally I don’t have a big problem with it. The beer is pretty terrible anyway.

The first one I had was poured into a nice cool craft beer glass. It was ok – something new. As I got towards the bottom my teeth were starting to feel gritty. Similar to what you might feel if drank a liter or two of Coca Cola. It’s very syrupy. This beer might be better served topping pancakes or waffles.

The 2nd one I had(about 2 months later) and the same thoughts are coming back. The difference is that I am not wasting any dirty dishes on this one. Straight out of the bottle for me.


If you want a blueberry explosion in your mouth, this is it.


Being an AB product, it’s probably readily available nationwide… The truth is if it was less hummingbird nectar-ish and more lager it would probably be pretty good.


The cons? Uhm… you might have to drink it?


On October 27, 2013, this beer was declared:


Rating: 1 of 6. It’s just not that good after you’ve had anything more than a mouthful.

Extraneous factors in this review:

Current Music: Ratatat – all songs shuffled
Publishing Time: 9:00am approx.
How did I sleep? I’d give it a 4 of 6. My neck hurts a tiny bit.


Anheuser Busch Specialty Beers

Wild Blue Premium Lager


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