Drinking a bad beer while missing work.

I missed work today. Technically, I gave my job to someone else for the day while I had a much shorter meeting with someone else regarding the same job. The film industry is a different animal… I also drank a Blue Moon. That’s ok though because my wife and I went to go see an orchestra perform the music of Tim Burtons films, composed by Danny Elfman. About 3/4 of the way through the show Danny Elfman came out onto stage and sang 5 or 6 songs.

It was fantastic, despite the mediocre beer(it was better draft then I remember). The concert, specifically, seeing Danny Elfman sing in person, was an item on my bucket list checked off. And there are not many of those.

However, earlier in the day I had a Dechutes Black Butte Porter at home. This was great.
That’s all for now. A couple informative blogs in the works but I have to wait for work to slow down. You know how it is…


One thought on “Drinking a bad beer while missing work.

  1. Seeing Danny Elfman would be very cool. I was an Oingo Boingo fan back in the day, and the soundtracks he’s done are always innovative. I’d drink a Keystone Light for that chance to go to that concert.

    Black Butte Porter is a great beer. For an everyday beer it might be the one I miss most from my days living in Oregon.

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