Brief Review: Bootleggers Black Phoenix

Brief Review: Bootleggers Black Phoenix

Bootleggers Black Phoenix: Chipotle Coffee Stout

Bootleggers Black Phoenix: Chipotle Coffee Stout

Ahhh…. yum.

Bootleggers Black Phoenix is a Chipotle Coffee Stout. I’m a big fan of stouts, coffee and chipotle. So, naturally, this was one I was looking forward to trying. I’ve had a bunch of this style in the past but the only ones that really stick out to me are the Stone Brewing Chipotle Porter and the Lagunitas Cappuchino Stout ale. Those are both great brews in their own rite.

Black Phoenix is a thick beer. A dark molasses color with a very light body. I was actually expecting a thicker pour, but this one is as much watery as Guinness(Yeah… I said it.)  There was very little head and carbonation was medium.

So, how did this one do?

The Pros
I definitely taste the chipotle. It isn’t strong or hot per se, but it is present and provides a nice contrast to the malty sweetness also present in the beer.

The Middle Ground
If you are in the mood for a nice beer that isn’t your typical cup mug of tea beer this might be something for you. It’s unique and provides a mild compliment to a tiramisu or perhaps a dutch chocolate cake. Where it suffers is that there is a strong smokey flavor to this beer. A dessert beer, but only just. Drinkable at 6.7%, but I taste the booze slightly.

The Cons
There isn’t much of a coffee flavor. I taste perhaps the subtleness of roasted coffee grounds, but as far as feeling like there is coffee present – not so much. However – and my wife pointed this out – if I could change the flavor, would I? No. It’s really good… just not so coffee-ish.

Overall chipotle peppers. Toasted coconut. Slightly date-ish. Liquid smoke perhaps? Subtle coffee and boozy notes.

The Verdict

3 of 6

3 of 6

I would give this a 3 of 6. This is a tasty beverage, but it just didn’t deliver as much as I wanted it to. I wanted more coffee. Sometimes less is more they say and at almost 7% abv it borders on the alcohol being the dominant flavor.

Extraneous factors in this review
On Tv: Men In Black 3
Bad day at work
Really in the mood for a whiskey on rocks.

Bootleggers Brewery
Stone Vanilla/Chipotle Porter


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