Brief Review: The Bruery ‘Or Xata’

The Bruery - Or Xata

The Bruery – Or Xata in its nice Preservation label.

The Bruery – Or Xata

The Bruery is a Southern California brewing company that has been making complex craft beers since 2008. Started by Patrick Rue, this place makes some of my favorite liquid enjoyables.

My wife and I are beergeek enough to belong to the Bruerys Preservation Society. It’s a top secret club(actually, it just costs about $65 after shipping per quarter) that ships three custom brews every 3 months. A few quarters back we received three beers:

1. Cacaonut
2. Or Xata
3. Oude Tarte

We’ve had the Cacaonut beer before this blog was started. Probably a good thing though, as I wasn’t the biggest fan. This time around was the Or Xata. The name of course is a play on the words Horchate, as this brew is meant to evoke the essence of the mexican rice drink, horchata.

I am a big fan of the horchata drink since I first had one in 1996. I remember I was at a friends house helping with some easy yard work on the promise from his mom of free lunch. Kids will do anything for food I think. We dug a 10 foot long 8inch deep trench for something I cant remember. She came back home with a big fat Alibertos bean and cheese burrito and a strange spiced white drink… I was hesitant at first, but I quickly fell in love with it.

Horchata – an amazing rice drink I hadn’t ever experienced until my early teens. Probably not that hard to imagine outside of Southern California, but if you figure that half of SoCals population is hispanic(several million people), its hard not to throw a rock and hit a mexican food restaurant. Thank God, because I love the food.

Brushing nostalgia aside, how is this beer?

Well, a horchata it is not. Quite understandably so. However, it was quite delectable.

This beer has aromas of cinnamon, coconut and greek yogurt. Smooth on the down and mouthfeel is nice and creamy with a fantastic lacing head. At 7% ABV, it easily hides its alcohol. Served it in a nice beer tulip at just under room temp.

Or Xata meets the sunlight.

Or Xata meets the sunlight.

The Pros
Really quite refreshing yesterday, the day we had it. Twas a cool morning, warm and sunny afternoon, and a chilly night. It was perfect.

The Middle Ground
A very unique brew, but one of my favorites from the Bruery as of late. Experimental. Maybe not perfected yet, and I don’t see how aging would improve it much, but it was great for yesterday.

The Cons
I don’t think it truely captured the same flavor profile of a horchata per se, but it was a good take on a completely unrelated dairy based drink. It lacked the spiced kick of the original drink.

The Verdict?
On November 24th, 2013, I hereby declare this a 4 of 6.

4 of 6 for the Or Xata.

4 of 6 for the Or Xata.

Its great, but I wish ii was more like a horchata, though even I dont know how that would be possible. Picky? perhaps. Great though, and highly recommended.

Extraneous factors during this review:
1. My team is currently winning a game against KC Chiefs
2. Mrs. Wife just made some fantastic homemade pumpkin and panfried apple pancakes.
3. Not looking forward to work tomorrow.

The Bruery
Preservation Society at The Bruery
Horchata at wikipedia


2 thoughts on “Brief Review: The Bruery ‘Or Xata’

  1. Enjoyed the review. I didn’t know anything about horcheta before I read this review. Always good to learn something. Would you say the bruery preservation society is worth the price? I do like their beers, but for $20 per bottle they have to be pretty good beers.

    • Hmm.. You’ve got me in a tough spot. I love the preservation society where it stands at $54 a month. But, the $20 shipping cost(they use overnight shipping as to not skunk the beer) is where I have a hard time justifying the cost… At that moment I would say yet, but only as long as they keep producing good quality brews! And, yes, horchata is a great drink!

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