Brief Review: Ommegang Game of Thrones Take the Black Stout

Ommegang G.O.T. Take the Black Stout

Ommegang G.O.T. Take the Black Stout

While out visiting my sister in Brea, CA, I stopped in to her local Cost Plus. I like going in to see what fun items and more specifically what kind of beers they are offering. A lot of Cost Plus stores around her offer more or less the same thing with a few select unique beers. This one was no different. My wife and I ended up picking up a few beers. As we were exiting the beer area we passed by the end-cap which had 50 or so bottles of Ommegangs Take that Black Stout beer… we deliberated for a while. Was it a good beer? Was it a gimmick? What was the price?

We came up with a couple conclusions.

  • Ommegang makes good beer
  • A good stout is a good stout
  • The price was $8.99 for a 750ml bottle. Not crazy, but hopefully pays off.

So, we got a bottle. I don’t even watch the show, really. I’ve seen the first episode. It was something. I’m curious to watch more of the show but I will be the first to admit that I don’t know if this beer somehow ties into the show, uses the name as a marketing ploy or even has a name that has to do with any character, activity, or myth related to the show.

Today we finally opened it up, and poured it into some beer tulips.

It poured a nice dark color; black, even? A three finger copper head and decent lacing. Mouthfeel is smooth and I could foresee a creaminess on nitro. The taste and aroma is a nice toasty even burnt hazelnut. Thick and malty flavor. A mild warming alcohol flavor but not bothersome. It’s a perfect beer for the SoCal rainy drizzle today.

The Pros
It’s a stouts stout. You want dark and to the point, you got it here.

The Middle Ground
Definitely would purchase again. Certainly good. Im starting to think the Game of Thrones tie-in is just more of a selling point. If that gets people into craft beer I can get behind it.

The Cons
At almost ten bucks a bottle it might not be introductory prices, but who am I kidding? Game of Thrones fans are a rabid venimous bunch. They also can afford HBO monthly… or steal HBO-Go from someone who can..

The Verdict
On November 29, 2013, we hereby rate this beer:

4 of 6 for the Or Xata.

4 of 6 in Stout points.

4 of 6. For all the reasons itemized above. It’s a darned good stout. Technically, it’s a 4.5, but we think 5 is close to perfection and 4 is too low. But, its not perfect… so, we rounded down. Sue us.

Extraneous factors in this review:

  1. Watching Hitchcocks The Birds on AMC right now.
  2. Eating a Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwich on the softest flax seed bread as well
  3. The rainy weather makes the stout perfect
  4. Its a lazy day. A friday without work.

Ommegang -Game Of Thrones – Take The Black Stout
Stouts @ Wikipedia
Game Of Thrones @ HBO


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