Brief Review: Golden Road Brewing ‘Cabrillo Kolsch’

GRP Cabrillo KolschCabrillo Kolsch is one of Golden Roads newer canned brew offerings. Its been one of my favorites from them though. Using German hops and a traditional Kolsch method of preperation, this beer really delivers. The beer is offered on tap at various pubs around SoCal as well as in 1-Pint 4-pack cans. An American 16-oz pint, that is. Kolsch beers originated in the Cologne region of Germany as a way to standardize a well liked style of beer. That’s what Germans are all about. Ever heard of the Reinheitsgebot? Traditionally, Kolsch style beers are warm fermented and then cold conditioned, lending a clean crisp flavor with subtle hop, citrus flavors, as well as citrus, spiced and malt aromas.

For the sake of this review I poured my Kolsch into a glass belonging to its Czech cousin, the Pilsner glass. But, for the record, I usually drink this beer straight out of the can as I find the taste to be better on the palate without the aromas. Its delicious both ways, but I prefer it from the can. I think it brings out a tiny bit of sweetness to the beer… call me crazy?

I’ve already done a bit of Kolsch fact-spewing in this article HERE reviewing the Honey Kolsch from Rogue Farms.

The Pros
The flavor is amazing. I dont think you can find a better domestic Kolsch-style in SoCal. Pairs great with a wide assortment of food.

The Middle Ground
Its a great beer that should be enjoyed cold. Like all beers of this style, they really lose their appeal when they start to warm up. But, if you enjoy this beer half as much as I do, it won’t be around long enough to warm up. Its certainly more of a hot weather beer and a bit out of place in the cool winter months, but who says beers only belong to one season?

The Cons
At $10 a 4-pack it is a tiny bit pricey. Sure, they are 16oz pints, but I think $8 is more fair… But, im just nitpicking.

The Verdict
On Dec 5th, 2013, we hereby rate this beer:

5 of 6

5 of 6

5 of 6 for us! This beer is certainly great and if you see a pack of these laying around you should pick it up, throw it in the fridge and when it gets cold, take it for a spin. Sure, it might be more of a summer beer, but its still great with a good pairing of food.

Extraneous factors during this review:

  • I’m off of work for at least 5 days
  • Had a wonderful homemade soup for lunch with Mrs. Wife
  • I love the cold outdoor weather and the warm toasty indoors right now
  • The Boss(Springsteen) is all over my iTunes right now and its making today great.


Golden Road Brewing Cabrillo Kolsch
LABeerScene rates the Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch
German Beer Guide and Styles
Kolsch Style on Wikipedia
Pilsner style on Wikipedia
Reinheitsgebot(The German Purity Law) on Wikipedia


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