Brief Review: Rogue Farms – Double Chocolate Stout

Rogue Double Chocolate Ale

Rogue Double Chocolate Ale

I’m not shy about how much I love the pacific Northwests Rogue Farms. As I write this our entire bottom shelf of our fridge is packed with Rogue 750ml bottles. Waiting to slake our thirsts are 2 different Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Varieties, a Rogue Mama’s Hefe, a 2012 Rogue Pumpkin Ale as well as a 2013 Rogue Farms Pumpkin Ale. Also, I am sporting a Rogue baseball cap as I write this. However, tonight Mrs Wife and I decided it was Rogue Double Chocolate Stout night. It managed to fill up our two beer tulips just perfectly.

We grabbed the chilled stylish bright red bottle, cracked the cap off and let her loose. The beer poured a thick slick molasses black with a dark caramel colored 2 finger thick head.

The aroma is bitter dark chocolates and a slight raisiny flavor.

The taste is toasty, boozy oak, dark and milk chocolates and espresso.

Finish is slightly dry and leaves an aftertaste of toasted malts.

The Pros
It’s most definitely a warming beer. And on a cold winter night like tonight it works, but I’m finding it hard to soak in the chocolatey goodness under the oaky booziness.

The Middle Ground
Clocking in at 9% ABV, it’s not a small beer by any means. Contrary to other readings that have said it hides the booze well, I disagree. After letting this beer warm up a bit I think it comes out almost too much. Unfortunately, I also think being a double chocolate has more to do with the malting and booze than the chocolate flavor. I actually do prefer the normal release Chocolate Stout from Rogue.

The Cons
As with most of Rogues limited releases it’s always the price. Where as a normal bottle might be $7 or $8, the limited releases are almost always $12+. It’s hard to justify that cost for beer just yet, I think.

The Verdict
Today on December 11, 2013 we hereby declare this beer a

3 of 6

3 of 6






3 of 6 for the style. While I did find things I enjoyed in the beer, I found the warming booziness overpowered the semi-sweet chocolate goodness that was found beneath it. Like I stated above, I am a much bigger fan of the normal chocolate stout from Rogue. I’m aware this beer is an award winner, I’m also aware that this beer is finely crafted, but this is my opinion… Comments welcome, but please remember the previous sentence.

Extraneous factors in this review

  • Tosh.0 is on TV
  • I worked for 13 hours before I wrote this review and I am pooped
  • Looking forward to Thursday Night Football tonight!

Rogue Farms Double Chocolate Stout
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One thought on “Brief Review: Rogue Farms – Double Chocolate Stout

  1. I was eyeing up those voodoo donuts the other day, I would be interested in hearing what you think of them. As you say they are a little on the expensive side so I’d be hoping they would be exceptional!

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