Brief Review: Angel City – Winter Special: Vanilla Porter

Angel City Vanilla Porter

Angel City Vanilla Porter

Tonight I’ve stumbled across another beer by one of my favorite local breweries. Vanilla Porter by Los Angeles’s own Angel City Brewing. I can’t tell you enough how you should try Angel Cities beers if you come across them. This special limited(for now) Vanilla Porter is no different than anything else I’ve tried from them. Well crafted, great mouthfeel, great flavors and aromas and finally, a beautifully designed Art Deco style bottle(The brewery itself has a very cool, albeit small, Art Deco inspired bar.)

The pour is a medium thickness, a very dark coffee color. The aroma is roasted cocoa and a very sweet vanilla perhaps with just a touch of cherry perhaps? The taste follows suit with a vanilla sweetness as well as chocolate mousse and dark chocolate. Very little if any hop presence.

The finish is dry but the mouthfeel is nice and just about frothy. I manage to finish the 22oz bottle and it just leaves me wanting more. Something that I find rare in stouts where I typically feel good after just one.

The Pros
I picked up my bottle for just around $5. Thats a great deal for a great porter. The flavor is outstanding. No joke. Rich and creamy with a beautiful dark malt foundation built upon by vanillas and chocolates.

The Middle Ground
It’s fantastic price, fantastic flavor, but I realize it is probably only available in the surrounding region, which is good for me but bad for everyone outside of the area.

The Cons
The one thing I wish it had was a touch more carbonation. Just a little. I realize its a porter and it isnt necessary, but after having Sam Smiths Chocolate Stout, I have really enjoyed carbonated stouts.

The Verdict
On December 12th, 2013 we hereby declare this beer a

5 of 6

5 of 6






5 of 6 for the style. Get it! Its great! I realize at this point I probably seem like a spokesperson for Angel City, but they really make some great stuff! And, it’s not all IPA’s like everyone else is doing these days, ahem….Stone….Golden Road… Bear Republic… ahem… Try their other stuff!

Extraneous factors in this review

  • Chargers won the Broncos!
  • This beer really is this good.
  • Excited to have most of the rest of December off!


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