Brief Review: Einstok Icelandic White Ale

Einstock White AleA few weeks back I wrote up my review on Ommegangs Game of Thrones: Take The Black Stouts beer. This of course led to my admission that I hadn’t really watched much more than an episode of the show and had no idea how the beer tied into it other than possibly being a marketing ploy. THIS of course led to me start watching the show, which in turn led to a recent infatuation with king-y and icy and nordic things. Somehow this led to me seeing the Einstok nordic viking logo on a label on a beer shelf at my local specialty beer shop, Vendome Liquors in Toluca Lake. Then I became interested in the beer….and then I bought it…and here I am now drinking it.

It pours a nice muddy burnt yellow color. Very similar to the middle zone between iced tea and lemonade in an Arnold Palmer drink. The head was minimal, a pinky finger at best. The carbonation is unending though. Even now, 10 minutes after the pour, bubbles are rising up.

The smell is a bit off, though. Almost like moldy over ripe oranges. Growing up in an area of many orange groves I have come to know this smell well. I apologize for all those out there going, “wtf?”.

The taste though is off the charts. Its fantastic. It’s crisp, its very citrusy. Specifically lime and lemon. A lot of sweetness as well, like confectioners sugar and coriander. The carbonation(and flavor) is very similar to a lemon shandy, but the malt smoothness reminds you it is a fresh brewed witbier. Hops are hidden well beneath it. Einstock claims to use bavarian hops and only the freshest glacial water. That’s fine and dandy if it makes beer this refreshing.

Yes.  Yes! That’s what Einstok has done here, crafted a very refreshing beer. There are beers that are enjoyable on a hot summer day, and some that are enjoyable in front of a fire. Some are enjoyable when you are working on your car and elbow deep in grease, and others after a long day of work in the shower. This is just an all around enjoyable refreshing beer. Very versatile. Food pairing options are numerous. You could go with desserts, you could go with seared meats, vegetable plates. Hearty soups, even.

The Pros
I’m digging the flavor and bubbly. I think its something I could have a few in a row and not get tired of. At 5.6% abv, it’s a decent session beer.

The Middleground
This is what I would consider a perfect introductory beer to someone who is looking for something different than InBev products. Think of a craft-ier version of Blue Moon. A better, more refined version. I really wish I could have included this in our WitBier taste off.

The Cons
It is very sweet and may throw off those who have a much darker tongue.

The Verdict
On December 13th, 2013, we hereby declare this beer.

4 of 6

4 of 6




4 of 6 for the style. It’s wonderful, but lacking complexity. It’s wonderfully tasty and I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one. Definitely worth the purchase, and at $11.99 for a sixer – tis well worth the price!

Extraneous Factors in this review:

  • Game Of Thrones all day on TV
  • No work today
  • Homemade dinner and dessert tonight


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