Brief Review: Rogue Farms Voodoo Doughnut – Pretzel Raspberry and Chocolate Ale

Rogue Farms Voodoo Doughnut Series. Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate Ale.

Rogue Farms Voodoo Doughnut Series. Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate Ale.

Winter cleaning time is here and me and the wife decided to start with the fridge. Gotta clean out those beers! In reality, we just want to clean out some of those 750ml and 22oz bottles because they take up too much room. Well, that and my trappist beer collection(which I am slowly getting rid of). Tonight we chose the Rogue Farms Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel Raspberry and Chocolate Ale. We cracked open the super pink bottle and poured it into our glasses. It pours a nice dark brown ale color.

The beer smells fantastic cascading into the glass. Raspberry and chocolate malts. The taste doesn’t disappoint. The flavor also is dark chocolate and raspberry and I do want to say breadiness but it could be psychological… My wife points out: “For pretzel being the first word in the title, we are having a hard time pinpointing it”. I agree. She’s right.

The Pros
This is the best Voodoo doughnut series yet. Sure, it might not be at unique/kitsch as Maple Bacon or the Peanut Butter Banana varieties. What makes it so good is that it’s full of flavor, its a well balanced mix of raspberry and chocolate. I haven’t had a beer with this blend taste as good since the last time I had a Youngs Double Chocolate Stout mixed with a Raspberry lambic. This beer I love.

The Middleground
This would be a great gift beer(for one, it tastes great), a great beer to convince someone else to try something that might be outside their norm. And, the pairing options are much wider for this beer than the other Voodoo options. This would go good with desserts(duh!), cranberry blue cheese salads, doughnuts, maybe even a hearty roast beef and even turkey.

The Cons
The price point. This isn’t a $6 bottle of beer. Its a novelty item and it is marketed like one. $13 for a bottle. For a bottle that is pretty readily available(at least around here) during its season of production. Sure, maybe it is a one-off, but maybe it’s not? That Rogue maple-bacon beer has been making its rounds for years. It’s damn good, but very few packaged beers are worth $10.

The Verdict
On December 18, 2013 we hereby declare this beer:

5 of 6

5 of 6


5 of 6 for this style: Brown Ale.  I’d give it a 6 if it hit a better price point. Does price affect the flavor? Well, yes and no. The price has to justify the worth. The worth is determined by the flavor, the drinkability. This excels at both of those -but, I have to break the bank.

Extraneous Factors in this review:

  • Worked all day on a music video. FML, they say…
  • Mrs. Wife had cookies waiting for me when I got home.
  • Working again alllllll day tomorrow.
  • I’m all done with Christmas shopping… I think!


Rogue Farms Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate
Brown Ale Style @ Wikipedia


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