I lost track of time…for 10 months…

My last post was my ‘End of the Year’ blog entry, which even then was a week late and subsequently published on this site on Jan 7th.

I didn’t reread it before posting this, but I believe I remember promising/telling of some new blog posts that were coming up. Needless to say, those things did not happen. Nothing happened, really. Not until right now, almost an entire year later.

Why is that? There are a couple of reasons. A top 6, perhaps?

1: I’m lazy.
2: I was uninspired.
3: Work was REALLY busy.
4: I moved in that time.
5: 5 people read my blog.
6: I’ve been brewing a lot lately.

I’m going to try to fix that…


I promise I’ll update once a week…ish..


To be continued.


3 thoughts on “I lost track of time…for 10 months…

  1. I wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you are going to start posting again. In the interim time I did visit Southern California twice and I had a chance to go to Angel City, which was on my radar from your posts from last year.

    • Oh! Awesome. Did you enjoy Angel City? I’m a big fan of their Eureka! Wit and Wite Nite(Which you can only get on tap… and speaking of, what an awesome taproom facility. Lots of potential there, only a matter of time! Best to you.

      • I particularly enjoyed White Nite, and the other beers I tried (including the Wit) were all good. The taproom space is pretty cool and could be even better.

        The day before I visited the Bruery which was probably my favorite stop of the trip. I did a series of posts if you are interested in my take on those two places plus San Diego (go to beer flights section and look for Southern California Beercation).

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