NYC trip… Part 1 of ?..

A few months ago Mrs B and myself decided we needed a vacation. We like to travel and the nature of my jobs affords us the opportunity to take a sizable trip every 4 to 6 months.

We decided to take a 10 day stay in NYC. I’ve been here once before back in the early 90’s(before the Guliani cleanup project). Needless to say, its much different than I remember. I know longer feel like my life is in danger. The streets are remarkably clean. Being from LA its not like I have clean streets anyway, but home is home and I’m used to it on the West coast.

Last night we decided it wasn’t time just yet to call it a night and we walked 4 or 5 blocks to a place next door to the NY Port Authority fittingly called Beer Authority.

We walk in, have a friendly exchange with the security/bouncer remove our outdoor clothes(jackets, gloves, scarves) and walk up the stairs to the main lounge(the first floor looked more like a small whiskey bar). The second floor is lively and music plays over the loudspeakers, food is sailing by on hand trays carried by busy servers. Beer in glasses is being dished out at the bar to 15 or 20 people sitting there.

My wife and I approach the server at the top of the stairs, my wife says:
“We’d like a table for two.”

“We’ve got plenty of seating on the third floor and its a bit quieter.”

My wife and I look at eachother and give eachother the ‘that sounds good nod’ and tell her that sounds fine.

Upstairs we look at the taplist laying on the bar.
“Gee, there isn’t much selection…and each pint is $9… that is a lot for pretty standard stuff available across the country”, my wife says.

I look at the list. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Stone IPA. Sam Adams Boston Lager.
“Yep. I agree.”

There are about 15 beers, maybe 4 of them we havent heard of and are not available in Los Angeles.

Beer Authority, huh?

But, we pick two. She picks a Chocolate Stout and I pick a locally brewed oktoberfest style. Honestly, we were so disappointed by the lack of options, I didnt even bother to take notes. But, in all fairness the beers were pretty decent. About 45 minutes after ordering the kind bartender approaches us and says: “The 3rd floor bar is closing, but you can go ahead and have more drinks on the 2nd floor, which is open much later.”

“Ok.” I say, and we pay him. Around this time myself or my wife notices that the menu we ordered from says: “Third Floor Tap List”.

Wait a minute…

So, we head down the stairs and the first thing we do is check out the taplist on the 2nd floor. Sure enough, 70 taps listed there. Organized by style, IBUs listed, color codes listed, ABV, etc… AND most of these beers were a buck cheaper. We didnt order anything else though because at this point we were so disenchanted with the lack of information that we just doddled around drinking what we thought at the time was a couple of the few original selections up top… Usually we can put a pint away in 15 or 20 minutes.

So, what is the moral of the story here? I dont even know.

But, I do know one thing.. If anyone that works for or has a connection to Beer Authority wants to listen, your hostess should politely include the following information when inviting guests to partake of beer on the third level that:

A: The bar closes very early. Why send anyone upstairs to a place that is closing in less than an hour to buy drinks?


B: Let them know the beer selection up top pales in comparison to the vast quantity available downstairs in the main bar.

Anyway, end of rant.

In other news, had the gamut of Belhaven variations at a Scottish bar near our hotel two nights ago. That was a blast. And, talk about the scotch whiskey selection… What a great place.

Thats all, more to come. Thanks for reading!


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